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George Negus
George Negus

George Negus AM is one of Australia’s best known media professionals with a passion for international affairs and equipped with a well-honed perspective typical of someone with his enormous global experience as a journalist and traveller.

He regularly facilitates group discussions for corporates and government which is not surprising given his professional need to always adapt to extremely varied environments culturally, politically and geographically during his decades of globetrotting.

His current speech is dubbed: The World was Never going to be the Same which is George’s perspective and reminder of how much change — which may often seem unimaginable — always emerges and change lives in the most extraordinary and exciting way. And we all need optimism!

George wrote, directed and presented Australian commercial and public television current affairs from 1975 though 2012. This developed his expertise in international affairs “and Australia’s place in the world.”

He has worked independently via Negus Media International since the early 1990s whilst presenter/interviewer & reporter for ABCs Foreign Correspondent, Australia Talks and George Negus Tonight and Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes and Today Show; Channel Seven’s coverage of both Gulf Wars; SBS TV’s flagship international affairs program Dateline and TEN Network’s 2011 news analysis program at 6/630pm and its innovative Rove Productions edgy and contemporary take on news, The Project, working closely with ABC The Weekly’s Charlie Pickering.

George continues as occasional international/national affairs commentator on Australian TV/radio, consulting and facilitating for government and industry and hosts Travel for the Mindin collaboration with World Expeditions — specialising in hosted journeys to destinations like The Kimberley, Africa, Russia, Cuba, South America and Italy, where he and his family lived for 15 months in 2000.

Books include the most recent bestsellers The World From DownUnder; The World From Italy and The World from Islamproduced with Negus Media and publisher Harper Collins and Trev the Truck, a childrens series with Penguin books and illustrator Craig Smith.