Our independent media company is highly experienced and recognised over the past 25 years for its significant portfolio of independent and major network journalism. We combine the best of so-called old and new media, exploiting the extensive communication industry skills of founding principals, George Negus and Kirsty Cockburn.

We have collaborated on many films, books & media projects, documenting some of the world’s most influential people and news makers whilst working between the Australian northern NSW coast, Sydney and the world. We remain keen media professionals with a broad range of interests and activities including George’s incisive interviewing and facilitating for both government and business.

Our consulting offers helpful and concise media savvy perspectives assisting business and communities. We enjoy offering the practical second-guessing and brainstorming required to help clients have an impact out there in an ever-complex world. Additionally, we’re hosting train and cultural-political tours to extraordinary destinations such as Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Turkey-Iran, Burma and Africa and our old favourite, Italy where our family lived for 15 months.